The rain halted just in time to let Saskatoon enjoy one of the most anticipated shows of the Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. Atlanta rapper Big Boi who is the other half of the legendary group Outkast made his first trip to city in order to play the festival. The 30th anniversary of the festival did not disappoint fans even though weather was uncooperative throughout the ten-day festival. We had the opportunity to sit down with Big Boi to get his reaction and insight on the city, venue, fashion, and sneakers.

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Q: How was the show? How do you feel?

A: Feeling great, the show was excellent, the crowd was great.

Q: Feeling good about the performance?

A: Yes, it was very good. The crowd was incredible, and the energy was from top to bottom 75 minutes of pure unadulterated fun. That’s what you want, hits, hits, hits, hits. To see the people singing every word is just you know very rewarding as an artist, you just really appreciate when people appreciate the music and can get out and have a good time and have people jumping around.

Q: I know you’re a sneakerhead, so what’s your favourite number? (Air Jordan)

A: Uhhh… (exhale) I think I like the Jordan Five’s. I like the White/Red originals, definitely the OG’s. When it came out I wasn’t fortunate enough to be able to afford them, so now I just wear it all on stage. My sons know all the little sneaker spots and they hook me up with it.

Q: As far as streetwear what are you feeling right now? What are you wearing right now?

A: Right now this is signature cruvie clothing “the bluff” sweatshirt, they’ve got the college park, east point, etc. just to represent every hood in Atlanta. For the most part man, it’s G-Star Jeans and Polo tee shirts.

Q: I remember watching the movie ATL, and your style in the movie is so case in point Atlanta, is that really what it’s like out there?

A: Yeah, that was my own thing. he director let me style myself. Even my lines, most of what I was saying wasn’t in the script. 80% of what i was saying was straight off the top.

Q: So Big Grams, how did that relationship come together? It seems so right and left field, but it works – like it really does work!

A: It was their music! I discovered their music than I put it up on my website and they got in touch with me, and they said it would be cool to meet and we met at Outsidelands. I invited them back to Stankonia and we started to work and just kept workin workin workin. And the music, it sounded so good so we should start a band and called it “Big Grams”.

Interview by : Lucy Skjarstad / Transcribed by : Steve Seto

Photos : Ty Graham / @liftedthought