Many of us go day to day using our North Face jackets, but do you take care of it the way you should?

We have a couple tips to keep your jacket lasting longer than a season or two.

While North face is well known for their lifetime warranty, they have plenty of tech tricks to keep you warm and feeling good while doing physical activity, or on any day to day basis.

TECH WASH is a big part of caring for your North Face product. With using Tech Wash, your jacket will maintain the breathability, wicking, and waterproofing.

Majority of jackets sold in our shop are machine washable, so using Tech Wash/Down Wash makes it pretty easy on us. Not only can you machine wash our jackets, but you can also throw them in the dryer. Low heat, tumble dry, and your jacket and you are ready for another season.

NIKWAX recommends washing and re-proofing your gear at least once a year.

Follow up in store with our staff on any other questions you have about treating your North Face Jacket.