Nike’s Flyknit is attempting to take over one market at a time. We first saw the Flyknit technology at the 2012 Olympics in the form of track spikes and the Flyknit Racer. Now with it being a huge part of the Kobe IX and their soccer line, we must ask ourselves “What makes Flyknit special?” and “Is it a gimmick?” The average consumer jumps to the conclusion that new footwear is light because it’s just a simple sock with no durability. But some of my running friends say that this is the opposite, that it is a crazy innovation to the sports world and that it actually works.


I have personally been using different Flyknit models for over a year now and favour them over previous runners that I’ve owned. Let me give you the break down why these are being put on every day. Firstly, the style of it gives us a unique look. The material itself is durable and has a long life even after claims that it tears or rips. The fabric is also lightweight and breathes nicely and as a conscious consumer, this style of production reduces waisted materials. Lastly, comfort is the most important and these shape nicely to your foot while sitting on your favourite Nike sole whether it’s the Free, Lunar, Kobe IX treading or soccer studs.


Yours Truly