Just in time for all you skateboarders, WOLF advocates, OFWGKTA fanatics, Channel Orange obsessors, or more relevant… Coachella attendees (see: Earl Sweatshirt performance…); we have a shipment from the ‘jack(s)-of-all-trades’ Odd.Future.Wolf.Gang.Kill.Them.All. Yes, they do skateboard (see: Kevin Bradley or Nakel Smith) and we got them graphics that your mother doesn’t want you to support… so skate away the f*word on the Shark Cat Deck and let those curbs eat up those donuts on the All Over Print Doughnut Deck.


Earlier this year the Illegal Civilization crew released their throwaway compilation for properly titled future release ‘Illegal Civilization 2’. The video features raw skating, random clips, full parts from the group, and some familiar faces from OFWGKTA. Check out the full video below showcasing Na-kel Smith, Louie Lopez, Edgar “Tarzan” Flores, Kevin Bradley, Kevin White, Chris “Cookie” Coulborn, Tislam Smith, Sean Pablo, Lester Singleton, Wheels, and many more. Filmed and Edited by Mikey Alfred. Enjoy the throwaway footage below and then below that you will find the first Illegal Civilization.

P.S. We now have GOLF WANG at both Momentum. Momentum Marketplace is stocking the wood and socks, Momentum 8th Street will be carry the soft goods, and socks.

For all you on that ODD FUTURE music tip, find the newest visual therapy from Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, Mellowhigh and Tyler The Creator on FROMTHEFEETUP.CA.

the Method to my Madness,