Cliché Skateboards has been working hard for the last couple of years to release their next full-length video, Bon Voyage. Well without further adieu (Adieu is French for goodbye – see what I did there…),  Bon Voyage is now available… and it is good. Come grab a copy, a hoodie, or some wood because we got it all stocked up for you.


Erica Yary (Ride Channel) recently attended the Bon Voyage Premiere to talk about the recent Cliché Skateboards release and to see what everyone was most excited about. Take a look at the edit featuring Daniel Espinoza, Joey Brezinski, Giovanni Reda, Pete Eldridge, Sammy Winter, Jeremie Daclin, Bryan Herman, Beagle, Dustin Dollin, and many more. Enjoy!

For all you into that not-so-formal interview style – here is the most recent Wednesdays with Reda. Reda meets up with some of the American Cliché Skateboards teammates at a rained out spot to talk about Espinoza’s cars, Tokyo Drift, Kevin Bradley (of OFWGKTA) getting hooked up, One Direction, and filming for the last couple days of Bon Voyage. Enjoy all 3 parts of this webisode!

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