Not all their songs are about being outrageous buccaneers, but it’s
definitely a common theme for the Saskatoon band, Pirate Fridays. With a
vast range of groovy styles, the new full-length Pi Fri album Semi-Golden
Smile has got listeners grinning. Mathieu Pouliot, principal percussionist
of the Saskatoon Symphony, says “It’s a refreshing sound from an emerging
band. After seeing their live show, I was energized.” The energy from the
live show definitely transfers over into the recordings on the 10-song
album recently recorded at the Avenue Recording Co. by Jordan Smith. Smith
states, “It’s one of the projects that I had the most fun working on. Just
a rad crew making off the hook tunes.” … -Pirate Fridays
Built in the halls of highschool by equal minded interests, Pirate Fridays has been doing this shit for a long time. I’ve been down with this band since their first performances at Battle of The Bands. Good guys, doing good things. Four months ago, I posted their music video for the first single off of ‘Semi-Golden Smile’. A fun video, with some cool cartoon and kaleidoscope editing to back the sound. After watching the video, it triggered a feeling of new and exciting moves for Pi Fri.
And that trigger brought the sophmore release. Semi-Golden Smile. A fun, shiny, energetic feeling is what you get when you listen to all 10 tracks front to back, back to back. One would say I’m biased, sure I am; BUT the music does speak for itself, and it says “I’m Good”… and it says it with AAR’S in front. Take a listen for yourself, the maturity and immaturity of Pirate Fridays is definitely not a waste of time. Tracks like ‘Semi-Golden Smile’ and ‘Douglar’ will definitely bring you to search for more booty swag from the 5 pirates.
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the Method to my Madness,