Part of the LIMITED+ADDITIONS program, we proudly introduce The Hundreds’ collaboration with Hook-Ups. The response in-store has been superb so far. Fans instantly recognize the Hook Ups style and have been pleasantly surprised ever since we’ve had it on the floor. Unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of the collection available. Plenty of reminiscent stories have definitely graced our ears, so don’t sleep otherwise your pervy chid/teen-past-you will be disappointed (I’m talking about those of you who would just stand and stare at old decks as a youth).

Here’s what the folks over at TH had to say about this nostalgic collaboration:

We’re all ’90s kids here, we were around and in love with Hook-Ups back in the heyday of baggy-jeans skateboarding.  The anime and manga themes of Jeremy Klein’s novelty, niche brand were unmatched – while the other players’ art obsessed over graffiti characters and rave-isms.  What really drove Hook-Ups over the top was the quirky advertising ploys, like the Ming Tran vs. Jeremy Klein pictorials of her helicopter-kicking him in Chinatown.