Fashion is a form of personality. Sometimes we get caught up with what is trending and forget about what makes us unique. Top 3 Picks is a showcase of what our friends, family, shop rats, and employees are excited about in our stores. Most importantly, Top 3 Picks represents our personalities. Take a look beyond the hype and find what makes you, You. -BE

1. The Vertical Card Wallet in Black by Ken Diamond. – Hand-made in Vancouver, BC by Ken Diamond. He is a one-man work force, with all his product made in his Vancouver Studio. I have been using this wallet for the last year, the wallet itself is top notch quality. With age this Ken Diamond piece keeps getting better and better. Price is steep, but who wants to buy and a new wallet every year… this thing is made to last.

2. The Sk8 Hi in Black/White by Vans Classics. – A Classic silhouette by the oldest Skateboard Shoe company. This shoe has always been in production, and will always be. Why get rid of something good? right?

3. The Midnight Mo-rauders Deck by Momentum Skateboarding. – 1 year of work, 66 faces, 4 contributors, and a concept. This Collection is beyond the product, the story and work involved definitely makes me proud to be involved. Thank you, everyone who picked this up. If you are interested in picking something up from The Tribe Collection, we have product still available at Momentum Marketplace.

To commemorate the last 4 years at the shop, I also did a WDYWT. Check it out, HERE.

the Method to my Madness,