Pretty Sweet premiered on November 16 2012 with expectations; expectations of a full length Koston part, Carroll part, Rick Howard trick, and so on and so on. Well the video didn’t live up to those expectations, it lived up to everyone’s main expectation to be Pretty Sweet.

Pretty Sweet in my eyes in one of the best filmed and produced skate videos of all time. They set the bar high on quality of film; then let the skateboarding do the talking. With first video parts by the Trunk Boyz Crew, and break-through performances by Jeron Wilson, Mike Carroll, and the SOTY in my eyes, Guy Mariano. Pretty Sweet was definitely one of the best videos of 2012, if not the best.

For all of you wondering, my 5 favorite parts (in order) – #1. Alex Olson, #2. Jeron Wilson, #3. Brian Anderson & Mike Carroll, #4. Guy Mariano, & #5. Raven Tershy.

Pretty Sweet has been now out for almost 3 months, since the premier of Pretty Sweet they have found footage that wasn’t included in the DVD or Deluxe Edition, Check it out below!

The Pretty Sweet Deluxe Edition is available at Momentum Marketplace (on Attridge Drive).

Yes, the Deluxe Edition includes DVD, Blu-Ray, hours of bonus footage & unseen photos… it’s a pretty sweet deal!

Hit the jump for extended individual parts!..

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