Now on it’s 10th year, The Hundreds has been available at our store since before I was able to purchase online! In my eye, The Hundreds has opened a lot of doors for different genres of Streetwear; trailblazed the path of a internet-based streetwear, early to the trend of endorsing musical acts (Dom Kennedy, Alexander Spit, etc.) & one of the first to release a magazine entirely filled with its own content. The Hundreds is more than a streetwear brand, it’s a lifestyle.

Take a look at what the man behind the brand had to say about the upcoming Spring 2013 Collection…

As an epilogue to our apocalypse-themed Fall and Winter 2012 ranges, this latest collection centers on the stories of rebirth and rejuvenation in a post-apocalyptic landscape.  Nothing better explains that than the new Burnt Camo pack, our unique camouflage print depicting pops of wildflower poking through the ash and soot of the forest decay.  Or the recurring trim of the full rainbow on select pieces, God’s biblical covenant after the storm had passed.  As you’ll see, the colors and material stories are starting to regain vigor, coming back to life after taking a beating the past couple seasons.  From our footwear to the outerwear, headwear to our denim and wovens, this is that new new.  This is the End of the Beginning.  This is The Hundreds Spring 2013. – Bobby Hundreds

Below, you will find Jay Ughh (CBG) sporting some ‘looks’ from the Spring 2013 Collection. If you are too anxious to look below to potentially miss out on any of the ‘new new’… close this tab, turn off your computer, and hurry down to Momentum, Momentum Marketplace or Outtabounds for a taste of what The Hundreds has to offer this Spring.

side note – Bobby Hundreds was just listed as #10 on Complex’s 25 Most Powerful People in Streetwear.

the Method to my Madness,