Fashion is a form of personality. Sometimes we get caught up with what is trending and forget about what makes us unique. Top 3 Picks is a showcase of what our friends, family, shop rats, and employees are excited about in our stores. Most importantly, Top 3 Picks represents our personalities. Take a look beyond the hype and find what makes you, You. -BE

1. The Wharf in Black Suede by Obey & Generic Surplus. – Recently, Generic Surplus teamed up with Obey Propaganda to produce five footwear styles. Each style is made with a suede or leather with the occasional print or pattern; all while using a earthy color palette. My favorite from the line has to be the Wharf, a chukka-boot with a lifted sole. A nice option for dressing up or wearing it day to day. This shoe has made it into almost every outfit.

2. The Elbows In Button Down Shirt in Dark Indigo by 10 Deep. – 10 Deep comes from the mind of New York native, Scott Sasso. Focusing on individuality, all while producing wearable quality garments at an affordable price. This woven has a proper fit and the chambray with sleeve detail make it ideal for any outfit/occasion. Exclusively available in Saskatoon at both Momentum shops.

3. The Plant Life Socks in White/Black by HUF. – I rock the ‘Plant Life’ on the daily with shorts or pants, boots or skate shoes. Take my advice – plan your day ahead before you decide to wear these… showing up to a family supper/meeting the girls parents/going to church, etc in these  is N.A.G.L. and may make you look ignorant (speaking from experience).

When I’m not working at Momentum Marketplace, I am filling my free-time with blogging, design, friends and skateboarding. Currently I’m working on multiple projects – Fromthefeetup, Hello Saskatoon, Saskatoon Indoor Skatepark, and an NPO (that has yet to be released). Feel free to hit me up, via twitter! I’m always down to chat!

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