In anticipation of the new Girl & Chocolate video, Pretty Sweet. Vice TV and the sister brands (Girl & Chocolate) have joined forces to create a weekly web-series showcasing the behind-the-scenes of the Pretty Sweet process. Check back on our blog every tuesday for a weekly Pretty Sweet Tuesdays Teaser.

This week, Will Arnett (Comedian/Actor) sits down with Girl Skateboards, Mike Mo Calpaldi and Mike Carroll. Will points out the fact that Carroll has been skateboarding longer than Mike Mo has been alive and gives Mike Mo a heads up that he is going to get kicked out of Street League if he doesn’t shape up. Take a look, Enjoy!

The new full-length Girl & Chocolate video, Pretty Sweet is slated for November 16th. We will have a limited number of copies available at Momentum Marketplace. Pretty Sweet has a new interactive webpage with photographs, videos, and information. Check it out!