Video by Brennan Elliott

After 12 months of concepts, design, and photoshoots; Brennan Elliott and Momentum Skateboarding are pleased to finally release The Tribe Collection. Over the last 3 years of managing the shop and team I have developed a community of friends and family that has done nothing but inspire me to work alongside them. The Tribe Collection concept derives from the inspiring unity of the Momentum Skateboarding friends and family.

My inspiration for The Tribe Collection came from A Tribe Called Quest, and Midnight Marauders. A Tribe Called Quest’s creativity, individuality and sound was influenced by a collection of music, style and people. Like ATCQ, our stores are influenced by different genres; creating an individual atmosphere at each store. The 3rd ATCQ album, Midnight Marauders, was the most widely respected and critically acclaimed album. Not only was the music top notch, but they were embraced for their album artwork. The group elected fellow hip hop artist whose work as artists and actions as human beings they respected, and photographed head shots of each for arrangement on the album’s cover. Now in my 3rd year at the shop, I wanted to do something meaning full; that involved all the people that have showed their support.

Community is about a common lifestyle, working together to achieve a common goal. So I took my design/concept to work and linked myself alongside my creative friends; Aristo Lam, Derek Gusikoski, and Geoff Warrington. We worked dillegently to make my concept come to life. Aristo Lam contributed creative input during the beginning stages of the concept, Derek Gusikoski (Heathens Canada) produced the Mo Market Skate Nation logo, Geoff Warrington (Photographer) provided his amazing work behind the lens, and I worked attentively completing the graphic design work and photoshoots.

Along with the help of our local creative friends, we wanted to work with local businesses to make the collection come to life. Hardpressed‘s Steve Thomson does amazing work with his screen printing shop, where all our garments were printed. Woodchuck Laminates located in Montreal (well known for manufacturing the European skateboard company Blueprint) once again has manufactured our shop deck, after the good review of our last years deck. Supporting local in a full circle!

The Tribe Collection consists of the ‘Midnight Mo-Rauders’ shop deck serving as a time capsule piece; showcasing the unity of our friends and family over the last 3 years. The ‘Mo Market Skate Nation’ t-shirt and hoodies symbolize our broad support from our community.

The Tribe Collection has been my pride and joy over the last 12 months, I am happy to share this work with you.

the Method to my Madness,