Fashion is a form of personality. Sometimes we get caught up with what is trending and forget about what makes us unique. Top 3 Picks is a showcase of what our friends, family, shop rats, and employees are excited about in our stores. Most importantly, Top 3 Picks represents our personalities. Take a look beyond the hype and find what makes you, You. -BE

1. The San Juan Shirt by Obey – Button-down’s are my essential upperwear, I usually wear a flannel/button-down 5 days out of the week. With this Summer heat, I have been having trouble finding button-down’s that will keep me cool. The San Juan Shirt meets my needs: lightweight, short sleeve, and the print is on point.

2. The Little America Back Pack in Black by Herschel – I always have a backpack on me; if it’s going to work, biking, or going to a party. A good backpack should be comfortable, durable, compatible to your needs/wants, and most importantly- look good. I’ve owned this backpack for over a month now, and has been nothing but great.

3. The HUF Zinger Deck by HUF x DLX x Haroshi – With my previous purchase of the HUF x DLX x Haroshi ‘Ramondetta Arm’ Deck; makes perfect sense to add this to my deck wall at home.

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