Fashion is a form of personality, sometimes we get caught up with what is trending and forget about what makes us unique. Our friends, family and co-workers often reflect what we wear, enjoy and taste. Top 3 Picks is a showcase of what our friends, family, shop rats, and employees are excited about in our shops; and most importantly what represents their personality. Take a look beyond the hype, and most importantly find what makes you. -BE

1. The Encino Tank in Olive by Altamont – With Summer weather underway, I will definitely be adding a tank-top to my daily fit. My favorite idea about having tanks added to an outfit is that they are so versatile; I usually wear a tank alone or layered (tank – as a base layer) with a button-down/zip hood  accompanied with denim/pants/shorts. I’ve been really stoked on navajo & aztec print lately. This singlet shows enough of my personality without going too over-board.

2. The Roach Cruiser Deck by HUF – Skateboarding is a big part of my daily routine. Whether it’s meeting up with homies at the skatepark or grabbing my cruiser and meeting someone for a pint on a patio; I’m skateboarding everyday. This HUF cruiser deck is on-point; the shape and size meets my needs and the graphic is definitely too good to ignore. The only reason you won’t see me cruising on this deck this summer is: I received the HUF ‘Say Your Prayers’ Cruiser Deck earlier this year as a gift. So feel free to pick this one up at Momentum Marketplace, the HUF wood is good stuff.

3. The Rata Vulc in Aloha Burnt Henna by Vans – A good summer shoe is hard to find. Why do I say that? Ventilation and quality is a struggle at an affordable price. Vans has always been a solid shoe (price, and quality). With this Vans Surf Sider model (light Summer shoes with the ability to be cleaned) newly added to their collection, I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to grab a pair for Summer. The aloha flower print is my personal favorite, I will definitely be picking these up for daily wear this Summer.