(photos courtesy of Haven)

Reigning Champ is a brand based out of Vancouver, Canada — a brand dedicated to superior quality, fit, design, and just as importantly, lifestyle. A lifestyle that balances: work & play; city & nature; fast & slow. The umbrella company of Reigning Champ is the CYC Corporation who have been responsible for making some of the best fleeces for many sought after brands like Supreme, Engineered Garments, Alife, and their very own in house label Wings + Horns. Reigning Champ is a qualitative lifestyle brand headed by renowned designer, Craig Atkinson. “The Reigning Champ collection emphasizes details only a discerning eye can recognize. Clever simplicity is key, targeting a more educated customer that can recognize these elements making these garments that can be worn for years to come”.

Spring ’12 consists of contrast reverse french terry detailing (pictured above in the shoulders of the tanks and pockets on the tees) alongside simple, “no-nonense”, designs. The bottom crew neck — amongst a few other items this season — is reversible.