Model Damaris Lewis is sort of a basketball geek. She enjoys basketball so much actually; she has created a blog/website to honor the sport. It’s more of a sports blog directed at women in the sense that she will be talking about make-up, fashion and other things alongside basketball. Not that men won’t find anything interesting but I like what she’s doing. Typically, men’s sports are dominated by men’s opinions and with Heels To Hoops, this is not the case.

Damaris had this to say about her new blog:

Welcome to Heels to Hoops! As many of you know I am a model, but I have a new found love for the game of basketball. So for my first blogI wanted to cover both aspects.

Here we’ll discuss everything from blistered toes to hard fouls, from makeup to layups; and, most importantly from fashion to basketball. I wanted to give an insight to what goes on in my mind on days when I’m on set getting my hair done and checking league pass in between….or passing up on a club to see a triple overtime game. I also wanted to make a blog for both guys and gals, so here goes nothing.

This is Heels to Hoops.

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