Real Skateboard’s Peter Ramondetta’s Arm, the tattoo’s are of exact placement. Haroshi burned the tattoos into the wood by hand. Sold at the Opening Ceremony for … $30,000.

The Spitfire wheel. Spins with the help of Spitfire Classics acting as a bearing. Sold for a remarkable $30,000.

The Guitar. Modeled around musician and co-founder of Real Skateboards, Tommy Guerrero. TG played a couple of sets during the end of the Opening Ceremony with this beaut.

The Dog. Real Skateboard’s Pro, Dennis Busenitz is not only known for his fast SF style skating but also for his spot companion, Gary the dog.

The fire hydrant has been used as an obstacle in skateboarding for years. Real Alumni and HUF owner, Keith Hufnagel made the fire hydrant famous. Yes, this too is made from skateboard decks.

To commemorate the art, all parts of the collaboration joined forces to design a capsule collection around the designs provided by the japanese sculptor. Deluxe designed the hardgoods; a set of Spitfire wheels, a “Ramondetta Arm” Real deck, and a Krooked “Huf Zinger” Deck. HUF took their luxury aesthetic roots to use to design a couple t-shirts, hats, a 3/4 baseball sleeve, a hoodie and a pair of Hufnagel Pro’s. Check out the one-of-a-kind limited edition Collection below.

The Collection is available @ Momentum Marketplace

*The apparel may be available in the future.

More info below…

HUF has partnered with Japanese artist Haroshi and Bay Area-based skateboard distributor DLX Distribution on a collaboration that incorporates the clean design aesthetic of HUF, the raw street-skating principles of DLX and a combination of both elements represented through the artwork of Haroshi.

Haroshi is a self taught artist born in 1978 and currently based out of Tokyo, Japan. Combining years of experience as a jewelry craftsman with his long-time passion for skateboarding, Haroshi has developed a unique ability to salvage and hand-carve stacks of used skateboard decks into extraordinary three-dimensional wooden sculptures. Juxtaposing the rough, worn rails of the used decks with the polished forms of their finished product, Haroshi demonstrates and uncanny capability to create beauty out of destruction.

Along similar lines, DLX Distribution is notorious for its ability to seek out and represent some of the most raw talents that skateboarding history has ever seen. Through its companies Real Skateboards, Anti-Hero Skateboards, Krooked Skateboards, Thunder Trucks, Venture Trucks, and Spitfire Wheels, DLX is the epitome of pure, do-it-yourself street skateboarding.

A professional skateboarder for DLX brands since 1992, HUF-founder Keith Hufnagel sees a very relevant connection between the way both DLX approaches skateboarding and Haroshi approaches his art: seek out material of raw potential and refine it into its finished form.

In honor of this collaboration, HUF and DLX sent Haroshi hundreds of used skateboard decks skated by specific DLX team riders. Drawing upon his philosophy that there is a significant relationship between the skateboarder and his skateboard, Haroshi has transformed the very decks skated by these DLX team riders into one-of-a-kind sculptures representative of the skaters themselves. –HUF