Air Jordan 11 "Concord" 2011

Jordan releases aren’t something to take lightly this year; 2011 has brought forth some of the best and most loved sneakers back. That said, each Jordan release has been deemed “the most anticipated” but that phrase is thrown around so loosely.  The Concord on the other hand, may just live up to that saying.  With a patent leather upper and ice-y blue outsole, this shoe has some detailing that anyone should can be proud of — right down to the box itself:

The packaging is similar to the one used for the AJXI ‘Space Jams’ that were released two years ago, using a drawer-box, albeit in the dual black and white tone of the shoes inside. Sliding the drawer open reveals a translucent purple window with the text, “Tinker made them shine, Mike made them fly, you made them iconic.”

Available at Momentum on Friday, Dec. 23rd