FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, Guy Mariano and Eric Koston set out to launch a clothing brand of their own design. Though inexperienced, they started with what they knew: Jerseys and cargos. They assembled a team that to this day is arguably one of the best (no one has more SOTYs). Over time the team grew, and so did their knowledge of the clothing biz. Tides have turned and the brands that once inspired them are now pulling from skateboard culture. It’s been a long road. Keeping the focus on skateboarding is what’s brought Fourstar this far. And if ’90s skate fashion comes back in style, Fourstar will have a jump on the rest.      – Sam Smyth (Thrasher Mag)

Thrasher recently met up with Eric Koston and Guy Mariano to discuss why Fourstar is 15 years strong and still rolling. For the full interview, click here.

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By Brennan