WeSC has returned in-store(s) with a vengeance this past week; their 2011 Fall/Winter collection arrived with numbers in their favour: 27 boxes at Momentum, 14 or something at Marketplace, and I don’t even want to know what Outtabounds got!

All your favorite Icon hoodies, tees and fashion are back in-stock with a plethora of new colours and styles to choose from. Collabs with Fatsarrazi can also be found hanging out amidst this WeSC takeover.


WeSC stands for We Are The Superlative Conspiracy. WeSC is pronounced [WE] or [we-S.C.] not [WESC].

WeSC is a Swedish brand founded in Örebro, but today they are internationally based. There are several lines varying from: men, women, snowboarding, skateboarding, and music. The clothing is lifestyle-activity orientated meaning: you could skate in them or go hang out with some friends. WeSC sponsors certain individuals based on their talents, “world famous or totally unknown” — The Weactivist.