Hypebeast had the chance to talk with the creative minds behind the Supra Skytop and all of its evolutions. Chad Muska seemingly has a very real, very decisive role in the Skytop’s design and he’s not just pasting his name on a Supra product. And, interestingly enough, a 90’s basketball-influence was implemented into the skate shoe.

Having launched one of the skate world’s most recognizable lifestyle models in the Skytop, Chad Muska and Josh Brubaker have had the perpetual task of continually improving on its inaugural Skytop I. Prior to the launch which took place a few weeks ago, we met up with Chad Muska, the creative visionaire behind Supra and his lead designer, Josh Brubaker. Together, both parties discuss the process of designing for the third generation, technical basketball-inspired midcut sneaker.

Director: David Gallardo