WeSC is a Swedish brand founded in Örebro, but today they are internationally based. There are several lines varying from: men, women, snowboarding, skateboarding, and music. The clothing is lifestyle-activity orientated meaning: you could skate in them or go hang out with some friends. WeSC sponsors certain individuals based on their talents, “world famous or totally unknown” . – Ayy, JJ

Check out some of our favourite pieces from the Summer Collection:

When I think of a perfect summer day… I picture myself sitting in a backyard enjoying the weather, followed by a skate session.  WeActivist Chris Pastras does just that, he enjoys casual afternoon in his LA backyard then things get interesting. The video features skateboarding from Clint Peterson, Steven Webb and Justin Maruco, as well as art from Colt Bowden and Abi Bowden. Enjoy!

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By Brennan