Tee shirts and hoodies are the bread & butter of streetwear, every company has to start somewhere. Although you may like a brand for a couple of t-shirts they released. What sets each brand apart is the relationship you have with them, and what they represent. When I say relationship: It could be a connection you have with the person who got you into the brand, or it could go as deep as a personal connection you have with the owners of the company.

I met Trevor & Derek about 18 months ago, at the Deck Art Show presented by Momentum Marketplace. A casual conversation about ‘whatever’ led to them introducing me to Single Second. Single Second is Saskatoon’s connection to limited edition locally-bred streetwear inspired from skateboarding and music.

After further growth of our relationship with them, we decided to carry Single Second in the shop (Momentum Marketplace). After almost 2 years of there company in our doors, we look forward to expanding Single Second locally. You can look forward to Single Second’s Spring/Summer Collection and a couple of exciting collaborations and events in the near future. –ListenUp.

With all the buzz about Charlie Sheen and after all the stupid/funny stuff he has been saying… It seems fitting that Single Second is releasing this collaboration t-shirt with the band ‘Cut Your Teeth’:

Available @ Momentum Marketplace

By Brennan