The newly acquired Nike SB AM, Ishod Wair, has been ‘on fire’ as of late. His consistent and technical style of skating makes it hard not consider him one of the best AM’s this year. He has been killing it; on tour with Trasher’s King Of The Road, BATB IV, and put on a good show at the recent Tampa Pro. And his non-stop work ethic is one of a kind:

Ishod never stops. The more you see him skate the more you realize it’s true… The kid just does not stop skating. It’s not about anything other than he just loves skateboarding….Plus he kills it so It only stands to reason that when Ishod shows up places and people break out cameras, chances are they are going to get rad footage.  The footage here is a result of one of Ishod’s homeys just turning on the camera at the park one day and another local kid simply asking Ishod if it was alright to film. Glad they did too, cause we can barely keep up with him. – DLX

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By Brennan