Looking for cool and comfy spring or summer shoes? We’ve got you covered. We just received a shipment of Sanüks, eco-friendly, reasonably priced, quality made and beautifully designed shoes, at all 3 of our locations.

The Sanük Donna (featured above in cream and fiesta) aren’t your typical sneaker or sandal, but rather a combination of the two. They’re comfy, breathable and extremely lightweight. Composed primarily of handmade canvas, they also sport a super soft, high rebound footbed. These shoes are made for just about any activity. So, from bike, to beach, to Broadway, you can’t go wrong with a pretty patterned Donna.

Sanük’s June Bug is classified as a “sidewalk surfer” and they are just that. Made of handmade canvas and available in all colours of the rainbow (featured above in slate, black, turquoise and grey), you’ll want a pair of these come springtime.

The Yoga Mat by Sanük (featured above in ebony, electric blue, mustard and white) lives up to it’s name with a footbed comprised solely (no tacky pun intended) of yoga mat material. Not surprisingly, these sandals are unbeatably comfortable and will no doubt be perfect for the beach when summer comes.

*Colours and styles vary depending on location

Sanüks available @ all 3 locations

By L.A.W.