I don’t know how many of you frequent The Hundreds blog, let alone know about the individual sub-blogs that are run — respectively — by Meow, ynoT, and Rob. It’s usually like this: Meow has a ton of photographs, as does ynoT, and I really hope Rob is the Rob that behaves awfully around Bobby. But I digress. The star of this post is Meow (Natalie Brutalia) and her photography; she really is becoming a Mishka’s-Ellen-Stag-type-character with her pictures and aspirations. Except the biggest difference between the two is that Meow’s pictures are safe-for-word while Ellen’s are not. Meow has got together with a few beautiful models and stole parts of their soul for an upcoming calender in collaboration with The Hundreds. Shay MariaJustene Jaro &Talisa Monet are just a few names included in the 12 PAGE calender (thank you 365 days and 12 months!) that you can expect to be released in the near future.

The Hundreds is Available at Momentum 8th & Marketplace