As an avid fan of anime, it was interesting when I really sat down and watched the latest season of The Boondocks. A show comprised of African American characters behaving in particularly stereotypical ways yet all in a satirical fashion. The artwork and character design is one of biggest draws of the show, that and the soundtrack which is usually superb alongside the concepts (humor) behind the episodes. LeSean Thomas is the Co-Director/Supervising Character Designer of The Boondocks whose skill is really unmatched by many of his colleagues. Obviously influenced by Japanese anime, LeSean is an American that could be mistaken as a Japanese artist. Although that mistake takes credit away from LeSean, an artist who has developed a style all his own which even rivals his influencers.

In this 2-part video interview with Nice Shoes (a media boutique in NYC), LeSean talks about his beginning in art and animation, his influences, the production process, Japan vs U.S.A (this is a hot topic, in terms of animators!), diversity and motivation for minorities, and speaks on the industry of TV animation production in America.