HUF’s 2014 Fall Delivery 2 Lookbook presented it self in a different way with an illustrated set of visuals. The illustrations were done by graffiti artist Gorey who reworked photographs into a watercolor artwork presenting the apparel and footwear from HUF. The collection consists of button-up shirts, hats, jackets, and heavyweight pants.

Check out the illustrations below:

huf-2014-fall-delivery-2-lookbook-1 huf-2014-fall-delivery-2-lookbook-2 huf-2014-fall-delivery-2-lookbook-3 huf-2014-fall-delivery-2-lookbook-4 huf-2014-fall-delivery-2-lookbook-5 huf-2014-fall-delivery-2-lookbook-6 huf-2014-fall-delivery-2-lookbook-7   @ronxphillip