Thrasher’s King Of The Road 2013 will be in motion soon, Jake Phelps rewarding us with the news that Enjoi, Chocolate, Real, and OG board brand Birdhouse will be competing for ultimate glory. Stay tuned for the full team line-up from each team! In the meantime, make your predictions in the comments below!

Here is my prediction!

Real Skateboards – James Hardy, Jake Donnelly, Alex Midler, Ishod Wair, Ernie Torres

Enjoi Skateboards – Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Cairo Foster, Ryan Lay, Jose Rojo

Chocolate Skateboards – Vincent Alvarez, Elijah Berle, Raven Tershy, Stevie Perez, Kenny Anderson

Birdhouse Skateboards – Jaws, David Loy, Tony Hawk, Ben Raybourn, Clive Dixon

the Method to my Madness,