To kick things off, tell us your name and a little bit about yourself.

My name is Matthew Holdsworth and I am 29 years old, I have a wife and 2 little boys and currently own and operate Chance Skateboards.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I love to paint, skate and hang with my family.


What is Chance and how did it become the company that it is today?

Chance is a company started by a skater just out of the passion and joy of skating and art. It has become what it is today through remaining consistent to the pursuit of doing what you love, even if it means working construction or whatever you have to do to support the labor of love you are pursuing. Through the support of a lot of good family and friends it has continued to grow to where it is now. Now we just continue to trust in the Good Lord and work hard and stay humble.


Is there any significance to the name?

The name Chance came primarily from the appreciation of it artistically and how the letters look together and come together. Also the meanings you can simply gather from it and the meaning it holds in my own life, taking a Chance and the risk to pursue what you love over that which makes you money, especially when you have a wife and two children that you support and love haha. Also the Chance you take in life as a skater and the blood sweat and tears you put into your passions. Chance is not just about one guy doing something, but about creating something that is large enough to allow and enable others to pursue their dreams and passions.


Are there any previous projects that you have participated in the past that have lead you to this endeavor?

I have worked a lot in the warehousing and distribution side of the skate industry, so that has played a good part in understanding the back end workings of a company. But for the past few years till now I was working construction full time, supporting my family, and working at Chance after long days of construction. So it definitely is hard work to grow a labor of love, but is worth it and always a fresh reminder to look back on humble beginnings.


What sort of vision do you have for Chance?

The vision I have for Chance is to keep things clean and simple.  Continue to do what I love and hopefully help others to do the same. I always enjoy working with others that are working hard at pursuing what they love because it allows Chance to support just that, doing what you love.  So I suppose that is the main vision, doing what I love so I can support others to do the same.


What is your inspiration for the series and graphics that you place on your decks?

Inspiration comes from all places in life. I find I am drawn to things that are a bit cleaner and simple, more than something that has too much going on. I usually spend a lot of time developing concepts and rough drafts of ideas, but have had a great opportunity to work with some awesome designers (Luke Doell, Jon Janzen, Taylor Pfeifer, Jordan Grace) who really help bring concepts and drafts to a reality, while bringing their originality as well. Really just trying to produce something I would be stoked to purchase and represent.


The market is full of new and old skate products, what do you do to stand out?

I just try to make what gets me stoked and when I look at it that it gets me hyped to skate and be proud to wear every piece Chance makes and offers. I never want to worry about looking at what others are doing in the industry or what is trending, but operate from my heart and what gets me stoked to wake up and still go for a push.


Can you give any advice to someone who plans on being the captain of their own venture?

Make sure it is something you wake up each day and are excited to do and that you love to do it.  It is not an easy road and it takes a lot of hard work, but if it is something you love to do than you will do it regardless.  Take your time at it and don’t worry if it is not happening overnight, but be grateful for where you are at and what lies ahead before you.


Favourite skateboarder?

Tough question, prolly Tom Penny or Derek Epp.


Favourite skateboard graphic?

This is a hard question haha….One of the favorites I ever owned was an Aesthetics Clyde Singleton….it was red and had the outline of Africa on it haha, but I think cause it was my favorite company at the time with some of my favorite riders (Clyde, Joey Pepper, Rob Welsh, Kevin Taylor) and it really just got me hyped to skate. Other than that a lot of the old Organika decks, I actually have three on my wall to this day.


Favourite Canadian sports team?

The grizzlies.


Favourite thing to do in Saskatoon?

Go for coffee at Collective with Mike Payne.


Thanks for your time Matt, do you have any final words?

Thanks to all the supporters of Chance, family, friends, consumers and shops you are all very appreciated and it could not be done without you. Enjoy life, love God and love others and whatever you are doing do it well.

Much love and Skate everything.


Chance products can be found at Momentum Marketplace.

Yours Truly