Whether you are camping, running, or hanging around outside on a sub par day, Outtabounds and both Momentums have a jacket to keep you feeling at your best. The North Face Venture jacket has been a timeless piece, best known for its waterproof, breathable outer layer. The Columbia Tech Attack Shell jacket would be more for that person who enjoys the real outdoors. I’m talking camping, hiking, or perhaps even those heading to Ness Creek, as this jacket has the ultimate waterproofing, with completely sealed seams, meaning absolutely no leakage. So if you spill a drink on yourself, are stuck in the rain for hours, or perhaps passed out in the rain…..no fear… you will remain dry. Lastly, the Burton Lotus Jacket is aimed toward those active living people who perhaps jog at 6am in the morning, or do yoga near the river on those free Sundays. However, if you aren’t active and just want to look good, I’d say this jacket will give you the attention you may be looking for! Cheers!

The North Face: Venture


Columbia: Tech Attack Shell


Burton: Lotus