If he can’t go to school, school has to come to him.

We will be pasting gorgeous photographs as a mural on the The Hollows building itself starting at 8pm until 11pm. Everyone is welcome to come and we definitely encourage you to help paste if you feel the urge.

$5.00 entry
Music provided by Factor
Food & Drink will be served.
Prizes, prints, t-shirts are all available via purchase/bidding.
There will be a $300.00 Lifetime Collective raffle too.

It should be a fun night.

The Hollows is located at 334 Ave C South

Money raised from this event will be donated to Home School Charity.

Homeschool started in January 2011 as a series of art workshops for street children. We teach slum kids, who sometimes can’t make it to school, different kinds of visual and performing arts. The idea is for them to find creative avenues for self-expression, productivity and self-realization. Through the help of volunteers, we have expanded the courses to include basic reading, writing, science and math. Plus breakdancing, which the kids really like.

More than just teaching them a specific subject, Homeschool is about showing these kids that they are not invisible, that they are worth somebody’s time and care. It’s a space for them to forget about the harsh conditions they live in, have fun and be kids, even if just for a few hours.

All of the Homeschool children live way, way below the poverty line, so a nutritional meal is served at the end of each class. We also give them whatever extra clothes, toys, supplies and love we can find.

We just really wanted to help out, in any way possible.

Homeschool is a privately-funded affair, not linked to any particular government, religion, corporation or agenda. Which means we get money from where we can, mostly from our own pockets and from kind individuals like yourself that don’t want us to die trying.