I meant to post this ages ago but alas I am doing it right now. Tyler isn’t mommy friendly but for those of us who do listen to him will definitely find interest in this.

Tyler, The Creator announced his new album will be called: Wolf. Below are his thoughts on the project:

I took the liberty to censor Tyler’s words 🙂

“Talking about CENSORED and CENSORED CENSORED up, it just doesn’t interest me anymore… What interests me is making weird hippie music for people to get CENSORED to. With Wolf, I’ll brag a little more, talk about money and buying CENSORED. But not like any other rapper, I’ll be a smart-CENSORED about it. Now it’s just girls throwing themselves at me and CENSORED, but I got a girl back home. People who want the first album again, I can’t do that. I was 18, broke as CENSORED. On my third album, I have money and I’m hanging out with my idols. I can’t rap about the same CENSORED.”