The SHAOLIN JAZZ – Video Contest (an extension of the notable SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber music project) is a month long competition (Monday November 14th – Wednesday December 14th), whereby participants can submit videos they create for a SHAOLIN JAZZ track of their choosing.  The winner, who will be announced Wednesday January 4, 2012, will receive footwear and apparel from LACOSTE, The Scifen Company, and UNDEFEATED.

Based on the response that DJ 2-Tone Jones and Gerald Watson received from the music of SHAOLIN JAZZ and the SHAOLIN JAZZ – Album Cover Design Contest (over 30 entries), they wanted to engage fans in a unique and creative way that would further allow them to visually interact with the project and the SHAOLIN JAZZ – Video contest was developed.


  1. Videographers can submit up to two (2) videos only
  2. A production company can only participate as one videographer – submitting only two (2) videos
  3. Duration – dependent on song(s) chosen
  4. Videographers upload submission(s) to their youtube, vimeo, or other video sharing platforms
  5. Submit links to
  6. Deadline for submitting work is Wednesday December 14th
  7. A Winner will be announced Wednesday January 4th
  8. General information: link
Entries will be judged on the following criteria; originality and creativity, relativity to the concept of the song chosen, and the connectivity to the theme of SHAOLIN JAZZ.
This competition is open to everyone worldwide
The winner will receive product from Lacoste, UNDEFEATED, and, Scifen.

Background Info