We sat down today with DJ Marvel from The Freshest, a crew of DJ’s from Vancouver.  Marvel is playing at Scratch Club at the Get Together with The Gaff – April 8th.

Tell us how you got into DJ’ing and how long it has been?

I started DJing as a hobby in 1997, after getting inspired by the movie Juice and listening to Mix shows on the radio (Krispy Biscuit /  The Show.)  I bought a cheap Gemini mixer and some belt driven turntables and started familiarizing myself with my parents record  collection, and spending all my extra $ on records.. After building a decent collection of music I started playing small parties and  meeting more aspiring DJ’s and learning from them.

You roll with a crew called The Freshest.  You guys play both together as well as separately, and have a number of residences every week.  How did that all come about?

In 2006 DJ Seko got me a guest spot DJing at “Get Up Get Down” at Tokyo Lounge in Vancouver.    After that we became closer and started working on a few different Mixtapes – Sugar Hill & Flava In Your Ear (Hosted By Jaykin.)  I met Kutcorners around the  same time when we worked on a project called Build by Ephin.  Rico was the last piece of the puzzle who I met in 2007 when he was  working at Beatstreet records.  We all clicked as friends and Seko was like we should start a crew and we haven’t looked back since.

Vancouver is an international hub, which hosts high caliber concerts on a regular basis.  You guys have worked with some big names in the last few years.  What is the most memorable show?

Wow, there have been so many.. I think my fav would have been when I got asked to fill in as Slum Village’s DJ at Rock The Bells.  It  was a surreal experience and they showed a lot of love.  Later that night Seko and I did the after party which was hosted by Nas.  The  RZA was there also and I remember looking up a from the booth and seeing him pet an asian girls hair with his long ring covered  fingers.  That was a fun day beginning to end.

It seems you are travelling more that ever.  How was the tour in New York this winter?

New York was amazing! I love going there whenever I get the chance and always leave feeling super energized and ready to grind.   Being that I was with the rest of the guys it made it even better.   The parties we played were super fun, we played a night called FAM  w/ DJ Eleven, and we played The Rub on Saturday.  The Rub as a party is in a league of it’s own and was an honour for us to rock.

Any advice for basement dj’s looking to break out and start playing out in public?

Practice your craft and make sure you are doing it for the right reason. – The Music! Not to sound salty, but I see / hear a lot of people that are getting booked when they are still in the learning stage. Stay humble and let things grow organically, i feel that will contribute to your success as a DJ and open doors for you down the road.

You play a diverse selection of music.  What can we expect to see when you Scratch April 8th?

I LOVE playing at Scratch!  Rocking along side The Gaff always keeps me on my toes.  We have never really gone in with a plan but  end up covering lot’s of great music; Hip Hop, Motown, Reggae, Dance all while keeping the dance floor moving. Expect to get  sweaty!

A Live Stock Mix is a musical collaboration between Livestock and The Freshest.  This nostalgic mix navigates through both classic and unexpected gems, with an eclectic roster of artists such as The Supremes, Brand Nubian, The Clipse, Sam Cooke, and Busy Signal.  Featuring exclusive blends, remixes and edits, A Live Stock Mix is all seamlessly mixed and arranged by The Freshest.