Xmay Cameo - Etched skull silhouette necklace (girl)
Xray Cameo - Etched skull silhouette necklace (boy)Xray Cameo - Etched skull silhouette necklace (boy)
AMIS Black
ARIZ - Laser cut walnut necklace, gold
COLO - Laser cut, walnut necklace, gold
MEXI - Laser cut walnut fringe necklace, colorUTA - Laser cut, walnut, triangle necklace, color

Created by Cool Hunting contributor Mike Giles and his girlfriend Judy Lawrence, Miju is a Montreal-based jewelry company that is a combination of Giles’ Furni furniture company and the couple’s business partnership. The pieces are laser etched allowing absolute precision for the geometric shapes engraved in Miju’s designs. We have received works from two of their lines: “Manha”—an 11-piece-Native-American-inspired assortment of laser-cut wood gems — and “The wind beneath,” — consisting of feather-shaped laser-cut and -etched jewelry. Miju’s work are all “remnants from other designs Giles creates in his Montreal-based woodworking shop, Furni“.

“Manha” designs are made from solid walnut while “The wind beneath,” uses either white or black acrylic.

Available at Momentum 8th Street